Great Lakes Martial
Arts Academy

Offering Martial Arts Training For All Ages

Our Five Pillars

Courtesy: Respect for myself & respect for others

Integrity: Honesty with myself & honesty with others

Perseverance:  To never give up & to keep moving forward

Self Control: To master my body & to master my mind

Indomitable Spirit: To face everything with courage & strength

A black belt is earned, not given

“We offer you an exciting opportunity to challenge both yourself & your children through the martial arts.”

We are a family

You are not just martial art student, but you are a part of family that likes to have fun.

Client Testimonials

"Great dojo with a great sensei!! Clean facility. Friendly atmosphere. GLMAA helps kids learn how to stand up for themselves, defend themselves, when necessary, build mental endurance and confidence. It’s also another way to burn off energy at the end of the day and help kids stay physically active."
"All while making friends and having fun. Sensei is a serious leader who doesn’t put up with nonsense and he thrives on his stance that “belts are earned not given”. The kids love him and obey his authority. We are in our fourth year of attending and my daughter just earned her fourth ranking belt!! Through GLMAA she has learned added respect, integrity and she has built an awesome community of friends. I’m excited to see how far GLMAA is going to take her – but it’s teaching her skills that will stick with her for a lifetime."
Melissa & Pat W.
“Our daughter has been with GLMAA for 2 years. We're so proud of her and love to see the growth and progress she's made in her time there. Not only has she learned self defense (that she's actually had to utilize with some bullies physically grabbing her) but the emotional growth we've witnessed is amazing. It's heartwarming to me to have a place for her to go where she is fully accepted for who she is and where she feels safe, happy, and can be herself..”
Andrea & Fahed M.
“Our daughter has struggled with self confidence and anxiety for a while. So we decided to give GLMAA a chance after other extracurricular activities had failed. It took a few weeks to get into the swing of things but now our daughter’s self esteem has increased greatly and she always looks forward to coming to class. Sensei is very understanding and will work closely if needed to reach your personal goals. We love watching our daughter overcome her fears!”
Lisa & Joe F.