Our Mission

To provide the best training opportunities for growth in the traditions and sport of Martial Arts.

Our Vision

To cultivate the skills and abilities for personal defense, confidence, self-awareness, discipline and leadership for all students

About Sensei

Becoming a 4th degree in Karate

Growing up karate was always a dream of mine, I constantly practiced what I would see on tv and in the movies in the back yard or my bedroom.  In fact the only thing “holding me back” was that I was born with a severe congenital heart defect, and for much of my early life it was hard to see it being an option. It wasn’t till after my back surgery that I was able to convince my parents that I should join. The conversation went like this. “Dad, I want to join Karate!” My friend said I would be good at it!” he simply rolled his eyes and sighed “alright, we will go Monday” Of course it was an uphill battle at first turning blue while I worked out, and the trouble I’d get into at school. I had decided that giving up was something I wasn’t going to do, and pushing on is what I did. During this time I got bullied, I was kicked out of school,  had a best friend who died, and no direction in life, however Sensei Larry and Laura never gave up on me, and karate taught me to not give up on myself. I remember laying in bed at night crying and scolding myself for who I was, I told myself that I hated myself, and wanted to be anyone but me. I wanted to be someone who didn’t have all these “problems” . Those were some of my worst days, and if it wasn’t for the martial arts I’m not sure where I would be today.

5 years later I finally achieved my black belt, and though it was a huge accomplishment I knew I didn’t want to stop! However I never in my life thought I’d be getting promoted 15 years later in my own school. When I started this Michigan journey I wasn’t sure how it was going to pan out, but I knew I could make something work. Lucky for me I had someone to take me under his wing and help show me what it takes to own a school. It was right before the shut down that I was offered by William Frohriep to buy the school, and at first I hesitated. I have never owned a store front business before. Heck I have never owned a business that I consider marginally successful. Unfortunately the shut down postponed my school ambitions. It was a deal with a local jiu jitsu coach who helped with pushing me over the edge on buying the school. As soon as I could I took over programming, scheduling, and the bills. Up till this point I had already run most of the school however I didn’t have full control, but now was able to change it completely into my own vision. With the offer of a VERY helpful mother Julie who took over as my office manager, and of course some of the other parents, and students I began to see my own vision come to life. With a group of core students and an idea I had been working on. I decided to change over from Tae Kwon Do to a “modern Karate” (I’m originally karate) combining grappling, tournament sparring, and scenario/behavioral self defense, however I still kept the traditions of rank structure, uniforms, and discipline. Now here we are, my instructors Sensei Larry and Laura Brookes driving 10 hours to not only promote me to fourth degree, but also to sit on the board for the promotion of two of my very own black belts. It’s funny I distinctly remember both of them saying they would drive 100 miles to help a student  open their own school so how’s over 600?